Business Management & Financial Management Services

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Strategic Planning: SCA strategic planning methodologies and tools employ a consolidated, multi-disciplined framework. Our framework incorporates all major components—Organization, Operations, and Technology—in creating the blueprint and enabling environment for sustained performance excellence. Further, we develop strategies that ensure alignment, practicality, and cohesiveness of all organizational components.

Organizational Reviews and Assessment: SCA conducts assessments for public sector agencies to evaluate their efforts and the realized accomplishments from implementing various management and operations improvement initiatives.

Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering: SCA approach to developing recommendations for business process improvements and/or re-engineering involves best practice public and private sector analysis and the participation of all stakeholders in the development, understanding, and acceptance of detailed recommendations. This includes process modeling and simulations that help clients strategically design and implement optimal business improvements.

Leadership and Management Systems: SCA provides various consulting services that identify and implement interventions that would further strengthen leadership and management systems. These services; planning and training, enable both systems and concerned personnel to lead organizations toward increased organizational productivity, efficiency, and commitment.

Training and Workforce Change Management: SCA is a leader and facilitator in driving the change process, promoting organizational alignment, and cross-functional participation. As appropriate, performance measures are developed and modified to address new process objectives. We assist in developing and conducting training on new systems and processes.

Performance Measurement: Our strategic engagements on performance management, which include performance evaluation systems, are focused on enhancing the capabilities of entire organizations. These strategic, integrated engagements combine a variety of approaches that focus on people, their work, and how they are led, motivated, and developed. In assisting government entities in creating or enhancing their performance evaluation systems, SCA ensures that the system is firmly aligned with the overall scenario that includes the organizational strategy and mission, vision, and values.

Program Quality Control and Assurance: SCA strong program quality control and quality assurance services include performing comprehensive project planning, defining and measuring quality metrics, performing quality assurance reviews, and developing and implementing continuous improvement plans.

Financial Management Studies: SCA has established itself as an expert in financial management consulting services, offering full financial, compliance, single audit, and other systems-analysis related services. Our certified public accountants and financial experts have been assisting numerous agencies in developing long-range financial plans, operating and capital budget preparation, activity-based budgeting, cash management, and fiscal trend analyses.

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