Fleet Management Contracting Services

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SCA is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to successfully manage your commercial and government automobile and truck fleets. Managing transportation in an unpredictable environment is tough. With so many variables – uncertain carrier capacity, volatile fuel prices – you want a dependable tracking and logistics management partner that delivers the solutions your business needs.

We understand that recent economic conditions have organizations from governments to corporations facing shrinking budgets, forcing them to do more with less. As a result, many commercial and government fleet managers are looking at all of the available options to cut costs and maximize their existing programs and resources.

Strategic Consulting Alliances, LLC is here to help! SCA offers Fleet Management Services that will help meet the unique requirements of commercial and government automobile and truck fleets like yours.

SCA’s Fleet Management Services Include:

(The following services are offered individually, but work best for overall cost reduction when implemented as a comprehensive fleet management program.)

  • Strategic Fleet Consulting
  • Maintenance and Repair Management
  • Online Fleet Management
  • Accident Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Green Programs

How SCA’s Commercial & Government Fleet Management Services Benefits Your Organization:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Drive down total cost of ownership
  • Measure fleet performance
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Validate decisions
  • Provide safe and reliable vehicles
  • Experience consistent, discounted vendor pricing nationwide

For a Fleet Management Assessment, Automation and Presentation, contact us online, or via e-mail on the SCA Contact Page.