Project & Contract Management Services

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Strategic Consulting Alliances “Core Capabilities and Alliance Spheres” Consulting Services: SCA consulting expertise guides agencies through all phases of the government service and operating continuum. From business and technology strategic planning to organizational change management, SCA follows proven project methodologies, ensuring that problems are identified, analyzed, and addressed to ensure optimal levels of government performance and service delivery. SCA offers a broad array of management consulting services, including: strategic planning, organizational reviews and assessments, business process re-engineering, workforce training and change management, quality control, assurance, and fitting the right expertise to the job.

Program Integration and Project Management Services: SCA’s Program Integration and Project Management Services provide assistance to government agencies in managing and implementing programs and systems, especially as they relate to major management and technology systems rollouts and upgrades. Our services facilitate the timely and efficient achievement of each program and project engagement. This way, government agencies are ensured of the optimal return on their investments and accomplishment of targeted performance objectives.

Project Management: SCA uses its Project Management Process to facilitate the timely and efficient achievement of each project engagement objective. SCA will analyze project work plans to help ensure that variations in individual task schedules are reflected throughout the work plan and the impacts of those variations are minimized. SCA will identify adjustments to help minimize the impact on the overall project schedule.

Program Oversight/Quality Control: SCA Quality Control monitors and ensures, across all projects, how well the projects are being managed and ensures that quality is set into every aspect of the project. SCA Quality Control includes establishment of a Quality Plan, defining and measuring Quality Metrics, performing Quality Assurance Reviews, and developing Continuous Improvement Plans.

Management Reporting: Management Reporting encompasses the ongoing reporting of project status at all levels of management. Written status reports typically include: progress of work performed to date, milestones achieved, deliverables completed, problems encountered and corrective action taken, project work plan updates including any client initiated changes, and objectives scheduled for the next reporting period, including specific tasks, milestones, and deliverables.

Staff Utilization Analysis: SCA will provide, monitor, track, and analyze project team resources throughout each engagement to ensure the most efficient and effective utilization of all staff resources.

Organization and Control: SCA ensures the availability of all necessary resources and the understanding of individual standards, procedures, and reporting processes applicable to each engagement.

Technical Change Analysis: SCA will assess a client’s capacity for change, and give recommendations for reducing any identified barriers to change.

Tracking and Variance Analysis: SCA compares “resources” to “tasks” to “deliverables” for the purpose of measuring project performance trends as well as identifying potential variances.

Task Management: SCA will lead ongoing and routine monitoring of the project plan, and is designed to enhance the overall quality of project of work.

Cost Management: SCA will establish and manage strong internal controls to ensure strict adherence to each project budget. Project costs are reviewed on a regular basis and any potential deviations or trends are identified, discussed, and resolved prior to their actual occurrence.

Project Change Management Analysis: SCA will effectively incorporate and respond to both planned and unplanned changes, which occur throughout project work.

Risk Management: SCA’s Risk Management defines how the SCA team manages risks during its projects. SCA defines a risk as the cumulative effect of the chances of an occurrence that will negatively affect project objectives. SCA’s approach to risk management attempts to identify risks that need closer project attention, develop remediation plans, and act upon them.

For Business and Project Management & Contract Management Services, contact us online, or via e-mail on the SCA Contact Page.