Risk Management/Disaster Preparedness

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The threat of terrorism, by domestic groups, by persons set on making a political statement or by international terrorist organizations is real and requires attention at the highest level within an organization. Natural and man-made threats dictate the need for comprehensive plans. The best and brightest experts in our national recognize the need to assure critical missions deemed vital to the continuation of operations and the necessity to assure critical infrastructure is maintained operational with back-ups. To this end, a vigorous, overarching and centralized security and emergency management programs with clearly defined objectives is essential to effectively and efficiently manage the host of security and emergency management concerns associated with private and public operations today and in the future in all arenas of life, practitioners are judged by their skill and ethics. Strategic Consulting Alliances in partnership with C4SEM are experts identifying vulnerabilities, developing risk mitigation plans and response strategies.

In an aggressive marketplace critical organizations manage performance consistently and proactively; however the challenges facing organizations today are not just competitive threats and external market conditions. Today a vexing challenge to Government/Corporate Performance is providing critical decision support and planning to organizations on issues of continuity of operations, crisis and communication management, pandemic, safety, security, threat and vulnerability assessment. SCA and Firestorm Solutions cost effectively bridges this gap!

SCA/Firestorm provides organizations the opportunity to develop resiliency by leveraging the necessary control, compliance and Enterprise Risk Management services. A strategic advantage and significant market differentiation is the final result from a well defined Emergency Operations Management planning effort. Firestorm provided the Virginia Tech crisis/media management support, thirty-six (36) hours after the shooting, as they have for many other major crises and disasters.

Crisis/disasters are preceded by warning signals; acknowledging these signals and developing proactive plans and infrastructure to manage the events which follow, will dramatically improves the outcome. SCA/Firestorm provides the breadth and depth of resources to assist its clients with their planning needs.

Currently there is no uniform standard for plans; some are well designed and tested others are a weak line in coordination. Experience has found that plans are not updated to reflect ongoing changes within organizations, thus creating unforeseen vulnerabilities. A plan’s effectiveness is compounded by in parallel decisions to evacuate or shelter in place; provide support services for employees/clients; establish command/control; facilitate transportation; maintain quality communications; reduce panic; manage technology concerns; supply critical supply chain partners; and provide for inter-agency/jurisdiction coordination. SCA/Firestorm will benchmark client plans with other regional or industry plans.

SCA/Firestorm stands at the ready to support your organization and mission. We offer invaluable time and resources over using the traditional competitive bid processes, while still assuring competitive pricing and best of breed solutions to our government and commercial customers.

Attend our course instruction and certifications:

  • Certified Critical Infrastructure Protection Specialists (CCIPS);
  • Certified Counter Terrorism Specialist (CCTS);
  • Certified Emergency Management Specialist (CEMS);
  • Certified Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Manager (CEOCM);
  • Certified Homeland Security Manager (CHSM);
  • Information Technology Manager’s Certification Program;
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) + Security Program;
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) + Security Program;
  • Project Management Specialist Certificate Program;
  • Certified Site Safety and Health Officer (CSSHO) EM 385 SSHQ;
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Specialists (CCIPS)
  • Certified Internal Investigation Officer (CIIO);

Our SCA COOP outlines for you in detail the extent of our Risk Management, Commercial and Government Disaster Preparedness Implementation Services!

For a Risk Assessment and/or course instruction, contact us online, or via e-mail on our Contact Page.